If you believe that a black cat brings good luck this is why

Black cats bring good luck for some. I explain the origins of this belief

To be candid, the superstitions surrounding the black cat are numerous and they either say that they bring bad or good luck in about equal numbers. That’s the power of superstition. Completely irrational but understandable. It is only the human who can harbour these strange beliefs. However, if you believe that black cats bring …

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Infographic on “What kind of cat did Cleopatra have?”

Cleopatra and cat

The infographic answers the question as best I can. It is not clear when the multitude of different domestic cat coats first emerged through natural selection (evolution) except for the classic (blotched) tabby which emerged in the 18th century. But as the domestic cat is a domesticated North Eastern wildcat which is a rather …

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First pet cats were tamed wildcats not true domestic cats

Ancient tabby cat

It’s a point worth making. You hear a lot about the first domestic cats coming into being about 10,000 years ago. These are the first N. African wildcats who befriended humans and vice versa; both benefiting in an act of ‘commensalism’ as it is called. These early pet cats were tamed wildcats. Their behaviour …

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Animal symbolism: domestic cat

Domestic cat symbolism

Our perception of the domestic cat and our lack of knowledge of the species (more so in the past than today) directs us to assign symbolic meanings to the cat. The primary symbol of the domestic cat is one of protection. For all symbolism the true meaning is personal. Symbolic cat meanings Mysterious Independent …

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Domesticated, calico stray cat who gatecrashed the Cairo Film Festival poisoned by the authorities

'Festival Cat' being petted at the Film Festival

NEWS AND NEWS-CAIRO, EGYPT: This cute and confident calico cat became a social media star in Egypt when she gatecrashed the Cairo Film Festival (19-28 November 2020). She hobnobbed with the rich and famous on the red catwalk (excuse the pun). The film stars enjoyed her presence and interacted with her. It is the …

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Why did ancient Egyptians shave off their eyebrows to mourn their dead cats?

Twitter recreation of shaving eyebrows to mourn the passing of a cat

Answer: shaving the eyebrows to mourn the passing of their cat, is a clear signal to others. Some background information on the relationship between ancient Egyptians and animals helps, I think, to understand the practice of shaving eyebrows on the death of a cat at that time. The quote comes from Herodotus, an ancient …

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Does exhuming mummified pets break their immortal journey in the afterlife?

ANALYSIS: Exhuming ancient Egyptian coffins and mummies is disrespectful. It is desecrating old burial grounds. Today, splashed all over the online news media is the story that Egyptian experts have unearthed 13 sealed wooden coffins in the desert necropolis of Saqqara. They’ve been there buried deep underground in the sand for two and half …

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