Ancient Egyptian Sun-God, Ra, took the form of a cat to fight chaos

Ra in the form of a cat fighting Apopis

This is a legendary cat. The ancient Egyptian Sun-God, Ra (also known as Re) took many forms one of which was a cat. Ra was also depicted as a full-bodied ram, a bull, a lion, a heron, a phoenix and even a serpent. Ra did battle with his arch-enemy Apep, also known as Apopis. …

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Cat statues of ancient Egypt have plain coats whereas the real cats were mackerel tabbies

Tabbies of ancient Egypt

The domestic cats of ancient Egypt were all brown, mackerel tabbies whereas the bronze statues of cats from that era had plain coats. The statues look like modern day Abyssinian cats both in terms of their coat and body confirmation while the ‘real cats’ of that era look like classic, random bred mackerel (striped) …

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Great find in Egypt of cat mummies. How did the cats die?

At the date of this post, Egyptian egyptologists are ecstatic at the recent discovery of a cache of 75 wooden and bronze statues and five lion cub mummies at the Saqqara necropolis near the famous Giza pyramids in Cairo. They were found at the foot of the Bastet Temple where cats were worshipped in …

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Cat mummies were sometimes part of a scam organised by unscrupulous priests

3-D printed version of a CT scan of a cat mummy containing the bones of 3 cats but missing many bones and a head

In ancient Egypt cat mummies were offered to the gods for a favour or a sign of the person’s gratitude to the gods or God. A recent CT scan of a cat mummy indicates to some researchers that priests were sometimes involved in ‘cat mummy scams’. This is because the larger mummies sold for …

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