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Melanistic cheetah

Can cheetahs be black?

Yes, cheetahs CAN (i.e. theoretically) be black but there aren’t any today, in my opinion. Black cheetahs have been recorded but they are extremely rare. White cheetahs have also been recorded but they are...

Cheetah claws

Do cheetahs’ claws retract?

Do cheetahs’ claws retract? The answer is YES, the cheetah has retractile claws but (a) the cheetah has no claw sheath and the claws protrude beyond the fur and (b) it is incorrect to describe feline claws are ‘retractile’ as they are ‘protractile’.

Cheetah black tear lines

Why do cheetahs have a tear line?

Cheetahs have “a conspicuous black tear line [which] runs from the inner corner of the eye to the mouth” – Wild Cats of the World. The classic often repeated reason why this line exists...

Are there white cheetahs?

Perhaps the better question is: “were there white cheetahs?” because I had never heard of someone seeing a white cheetah these days until today (see below). Have you heard of modern day white cheetahs?...

Cheetah Prey Kruger NP

This is a pie chart that shows the percentage of kills by the cheetah of “prey items” at the Kruger National Park in Africa. The sample size is 2,532. The source material is page...

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