10 facts about the hunting success rate of the cheetah

Cheetah loses impala due to tourism

The hunting success rate of the cheetah varies depending upon the following factors: The sex of the cheetah; The age of the cheetah; The type of prey being hunted. RELATED: Average weight of a cheetah The video below shows a cheetah chasing a Thompson’s gazelle (15% success rate when hunting alone – see below). …

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5-cheetah male coalition breaks up with the ousting and killing of their leader

Cheetah brothers contemplate crossing swollen river

A 5-cheetah male coalition which roamed over the Masai Marra and which became famous has broken up. The harmony within the group called the “magnificent five” was shattered. They dominated their territory and rivals in the game reserve and were often photographed. A famous photograph is of them traversing a boiling river taken by …

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Hunting with cheetahs

Just a stage in the cheetah's history. I estimate that the cheetah was first discovered 200k years ago.

Emperor Akbar Hunting with Cheetahs – 16th century with large retinue in attendance. The cheetahs are hunting gazelles and blackbuck. Cheetahs have long been associated with people. We see them as endangered wild cats now but in the past they were used for hunting a lot. There are images of cheetahs wearing collars from …

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Woolly Cheetah

Woolly cheetah

The woolly cheetah no longer exists. They were shot rather than captured. If the woolly cheetah was a different species of cheetah we will never know. When they were in existence some people thought they were a different species while others thought they were the same species but subject to a genetic mutation which …

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When Namibian farmers avoided cheetah ‘hubs’ they reduced livestock losses by 86%

Cheetah hangout - cheetah hub

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a common sense and effective approach to substantially reducing the problem of cheetahs killing livestock in Namibia. It’s the first time I’ve seen this approach taken. Conflict between predators like the cheetah and farmers is a constant problem in Africa and it leads to the death of the predator because the farmers retaliate to protect their livestock so they poison or kill the cheetah in anyway they can. It’s about protecting their livelihood, so we can understand the attitude.

Cheetah hangout - cheetah hub
Cheetah hangout – cheetah hub. Camera trap photograph: Leibniz-IZW Cheetah Research Project via Associated Press

A study published on December 7, 2020 called Communication hubs of an asocial cat are the source of a human-carnival conflict and a carnivore conflict and key to its solution has reported that if farmers know where cheetahs congregate in what the researchers describe as “hubs” they can avoid them and farm their livestock elsewhere. When this happens the cheetahs prey on animals other than livestock and they found that livestock losses were reduced by 86%. It is a brilliant result.

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Some interesting facts about cheetahs

Cheetah claws

I have focused on speed and been selective in presenting these cheetah facts. There are many pages about the cheetah on this site. Please use the custom search tool. Name The cheetah derives its name from the Hindu word chita which means “spotted or sprinkled”. The scientific name of the cheetah, Acinonyx, is thought …

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