The World’s Most Hypoallergenic Cat

When we describe a cat as “hypoallergenic” we do not mean that that cat is guaranteed to cause no allergic reaction in people because the word “hypoallergenic” refers to a sliding scale. The prefix “hypo” means “less than” so the most hypoallergenic cat is the cat that produces the least amount of the cat …

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Devon Rex Cat

White Devon Rex with light green eyes

Introduction This is one of the more established rex cats. The Cornish Rex is the other established rex cat. It has that well known pixie face, a modified wedge shaped head and wide, prominent cheek bones above which are large ears. They are quite small and lightweight at least to the eye. In cat …

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Sweet Samson

by Diane (Perth Australia) Samson   We already owned a gorgeous Burmese girl named Delilah (4 months) when we purchased Samson a 12 week old Devon Rex. At first Delilah did her best to make Samson very unwelcome by hissing, chasing and biting him. After a few weeks Samson had endeared himself not only …

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Our Devon Rex Cats

Our Devon Rex Cats by Cherie (Surrey, England) My first amazing Devon was in 1998, she was very intelligent & quite the princess. She would play ‘fetch’ like a dog (up to 7 x in a row), ‘bark’ when someone came to the door. Once I had the flu staying in and she sat …

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