What happens when a cat goes senile?

What happens when a cat go senile? This is a reasonable question because the changes in behavior can be quite subtle. Diagnosis can be tricky especially for the cat owner. Difficult diagnostically I believe that we have to be careful that we do not confuse senility with the perceived quirkiness of domestic cat behavior. …

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Caring Couple Create Bucket List of Adventures for Dying 22-year-old Cat

Tigger an elderly rescue cat

This story highlights two opposite ways to care for a very elderly cat, Tigger, who is terminally ill with kidney failure and a golf ball sized tumour. It also reminds us of the rewards in looking after an elderly cat. People should be more open to adopting them. The former owner effectively abandoned him …

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Scandalous Situation Regarding Chronic Kidney Disease in Cats

There is a cat health crisis and it is chronic kidney disease (CKD). CKD means an irreversible, long term disease of the cat’s kidneys that leads to death, eventually. Treatment slows the process. Here are some quotes: Studies suggest that about 50 percent of cats older than 10 suffer from chronic kidney disease (Colorado …

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Cats don’t sleep 16 hours per day

Cats don’t sleep anymore than us. “Cats sleep their life away” – this is a complete myth peddled by millions of websites that are proliferating as fast as fruit flies ;). Cats may sleep less than us. They may need more sleep! Yes, cats lie down, curl up and close their eyes, but they …

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