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FeLV versus FIV life expectancy

This article is about comparing the life expectancy of cats with FeLV compared to those with FIV. There are no clean, black and white answers which is disappointing for me because I like to...

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Percentage of cats with FIV in various countries

The percentage of domestic cats (‘client-owned’) with FIV (Feline immunodeficiency virus) various substantially depending on the country and the status of the cats. The variation is surprising to me. The differences may be due...

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Can FIV positive cats go outside?

Physically, of course, FIV-positive cats can go outside. This is a moral question more than anything else. It’s a question about protecting other cats who are FIV-negative. If you let a FIV-positive cat go...

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Should a feral cat with FIV be euthanized?

A feral cat with FIV should not automatically be euthanised. The reasons are straightforward. FIV cats can and often do live good lives in the right home. Secondly, feral cats are unsocialised to varying...

FIV cat life expectancy?

Cat FIV Life Expectancy

Although studies conclude that FIV+ cats live as long as FIV- cats, my view is that they will on average have slightly shorter lifespans; perhaps around 90% of that of a FIV- cat.

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