Cat rescue specializes in FeLV positive cats which they adopt out for free and provide financial support

Austin Pets Alive! are doing a wonderful job with respect to FeLV positive cats: they have a program which keeps them alive and in new homes. FeLV positive cats suffer from the feline leukaemia virus. The spokesperson at Austin Pets … please continue reading

RetroMAD1: Possible new drug for fighting Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and Feline Leukaemia

RetroMAD1 has been labelled a wonder drug for fighting two nasty feline diseases. As I understand it, the drug was not developed to treat feline diseases but developed by a private biotech company in Malaysia, BioSatria, with the intention of … please continue reading

Cat Cruelty or Cat Welfare?

Apparently there can be a very fine line between cat cruelty and cat welfare.  I find it very strange. You would have thought that the two would occupy opposite ends of the spectrum in respect of cat caretaking. But no. … please continue reading