FeLV versus FIV life expectancy

FIV positive cat

This article is about comparing the life expectancy of cats with FeLV compared to those with FIV. There are no clean, black and white answers which is disappointing for me because I like to provide clean answers. FeLV life expectancy You probably know that the Cornell Feline Health Center at the Cornell University College …

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How common is leukaemia in cats? It varies.

A FeLV cat who had FeLV years ago. I hope he had a decent life.

The question in the title is incomplete because it implies that the question is about cancer; a type of blood and bone marrow cancer but when leukaemia is spoken about in the context of domestic cats it means a virus, specifically, the feline leukaemia virus (FeLV) which is the most important cause of cancer …

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Feral cats in TNR colonies are no greater risk to human beings than pet cats

TNR program Austin Texas

An interesting study dated 2003 titled: Prevalence of infectious diseases in feral cats in Northern Florida concluded that feral cats in TNR colonies are no more of a risk in terms of spreading disease to people or cats tban domestic cats. The basis for that statement is that feral cats cared for by volunteers …

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Some staff at Cats Protection resigning over the organisation’s kill policy


CAT NEWS & VIEWS: There appears to be dissent amongst some of the volunteers at the well-known cat rescue organisation, Cats Protection, over their kill policy. It is reported that some of the staff have resigned and some have been sacked because of this. One member of staff, Natalie, says that the charity wants …

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What is the difference between feline leukaemia and feline AIDS?

Feline AIDS versus feline leukemia

They are both caused by a virus and therefore there is no difference there. Feline leukaemia virus disease complex (FeLV) is transmitted by infected saliva. Bites, sharing water or food bowls and cat-to-cat grooming can spread the disease. Feline AIDS (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus‎ – FIV) is spread in a similar fashion because that too …

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Vet explains basic difference between FeLV and FIV (audio)

FIV and FeLV - difference explained by a vet

Dr. Diane Delmain of Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine explains the basic differences in an interview by WLTZ First News between FeLV and FIV. FeLV stands for ‘feline leukemia virus’ while FIV stands for ‘feline immunodeficiency virus’. I shortened the interview deliberately for technical reasons. You can see the full interview if you …

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73% of cats with feline leukaemia survived and thrived on RetroMAD1


A press release on the pr.com website from Singapore dated December 5, 2019 tells us that a research article recently published in the archives of Veterinary Science and Medicine produced an interesting result for veterinarians and cat owners caring for a cat suffering from feline leukaemia (FeLV). The authors of the study reported that …

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