Feline aids – a detailed look at FIV

Feline Aids is layperson terminology for the Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). FIV was first discovered in 1986. The virus that causes feline aids is related to the virus that causes human aids. The term “aids” stands for “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome” This is a reworking of the Wikipedia® article in which I define the …

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What is the difference between feline leukaemia and feline AIDS?

Feline AIDS versus feline leukemia

They are both caused by a virus and therefore there is no difference there. Feline leukaemia virus disease complex (FeLV) is transmitted by infected saliva. Bites, sharing water or food bowls and cat-to-cat grooming can spread the disease. Feline AIDS (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus‎ – FIV) is spread in a similar fashion because that too …

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How Do Cats Get AIDS?

stray cat Timmy

The answer is relatively straightforward although the best book on cat health1 doesn’t provide a definitive and confident answer. There is some uncertainty on transmission. And that also applies to the Cornell website. The FIV virus is shed in saliva. Therefore Cat bites are a source of transmission of the virus which causes AIDS …

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