Are perfumes toxic to cats?

Perfume toxic to cats?

More work is need by appropriately qualified scientists and veterinarians to answer the question in the title properly as there is a scarcity on information on this. But there is some available information on the internet and the general conclusion is that perfume can be toxic to cats. Certain perfumes containing allergens may cause …

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Why is my cat wheezing?

Siamese cat wheezing. Siamese are predisposed to this condition.

Here are some reasons why your cat is wheezing. I would not normally write about medical issues because the veterinarian’s websites are tailored exactly for that sort of article but I have good reference books and therefore, despite not being medically qualified I can, I feel, provide a reasonable answer and some pointers. In …

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Cat noisy breathing. Causes.

Feline airways

Noisy breathing in domestic cats indicates an obstructed airway. The airway that I’m referring to is the passage through the nose (or mouth), the back of the mouth, down the trachea (windpipe) and into the bronchail tubes of the lungs. If there is an obstruction in this airway breathing might be noisy and the …

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