Harnett County Animal Shelter improving policy after 59 cats were euthanized in June due to panleuk exposure

The Harnett County Animal Shelter in North Carolina is improving policy and procedures after 59 cats were euthanized in June due to panleukopenia (AKA panleuk) exposure. PoC covered the tragic story here and here. Harnett County Interim Assistant County Manager Brian … please continue reading

Vaccination in Cat Shelters Is Absolutely Essential

A recent article by Elisa Black-Taylor about an outbreak of feline panleukopenia (aka feline parvovirus, feline distemper) at the Hartnett County Animal Shelter got me thinking. The outbreak resulted in the euthanasia of all the cats in the shelter in … please continue reading

Feline panleukopenia puts hundreds of cats from Central California SPCA at risk including at PetSmart

Hundreds of kittens and cats that have passed through the Central California SPCA (some to PetSmart) are at risk of contracting deadly panleukopenia. Central California SPCA have an outbreak of panleuk (Feline panleukopenia or feline distemper) and they have 30,000 … please continue reading

Animal Adoption Centre and Animal Shelter Screw Up Resulting in the Death of 12 Cats

An animal adoption centre failed on this occasion to vaccinate the cats at their centre. They imported, from a rural shelter, cats that they were told were healthy. They took them in good faith on the basis that there were … please continue reading

Cat Rescuer Involuntarily Committed to a Mental Health Treatment Facility

In Volusia County, Florida, a cat rescuer by the name of Carmen Martinez was recently “baker acted”. This is jargon for being taken to a mental health facility by the authorities because she protested the seizure of her 132 cats … please continue reading

How do cats with Feline Panleukopenia get into cat rescue facilities?

When a cat in a rescue center falls ill with feline panleukopenia it is a catastrophe for the other cats in the same facility because they might have come into contact with the cat who is very ill and because … please continue reading

Is it correct to euthanize shelter cats exposed to panleuk?

WATAUGA COUNTY, N.C. — A deadly cat, feline panleukopenia (panleuk – feline distemper) virus has forced a North Carolina shelter to make a life and death decision concerning the cats in their care. The Watauga Humane Society is euthanizing dozens of … please continue reading