Tabby Maine Coon Brenainn

Tabby Maine Coon pictures

I thought you’d like to see some large format Helmi photos of a mackerel tabby Maine Coon. His name is Brenainn. I don’t know anything else about him – sorry; but the pictures do show us a very nice tabby Maine Coon, probably a show cat. The feature that stands out to me is …

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Photo of Oriental Longhair

Oriental Longhair

Although Helmi has not described this cat as an Oriental Longhair, he has to be judging by his appearance. His name is Jack of Noah’s Ark. The photograph has an ethereal quality, semi-translucent, which I like. It gives Jack a mysterious appearance. The face is 100% Oriental Shorthair or Longhair; long and thin (and …

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Egyptian Mau Kittens (a photo)

A Helmi Flick multi-portrait; stunning looking cats probably photographed at a cat show in America. A breeder brings the kittens in to her traveling photographic studio. The way it is done is to place all the kittens on the table and very quickly present a cat tease (stick with feather) in front of the …

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Living with Wild Cat Hybrids

What is it like to live with a wild cat hybrid? How difficult is it? What are the consequences including the wider consequences? Do they behave as Carole Baskin says, namely in a way which makes it impossible to enjoy their company? Carole is the owner and chief executive of Big Cat Rescue (BCR). …

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