Sand cat has a home range of up to 1,758 square kilometers

Sand Cat

A study has come to the astonishing conclusion that the diminutive sand cat, about the size of a small domestic cat at 7.5 pounds, has an enormous home range in Morocco. Or, perhaps, it doesn’t have a home range at all and is nomadic. Either way the revelation is extraordinary. In Morocco female sand …

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Pallas’s cat is NOT endangered generally the experts say

Pallas's cat in Mongolia

People ask ‘Why are Pallas’s cats endangered?’ but they aren’t according to the people who are meant to know. It is a slightly surprising conclusion by the IUCN Red List people who’ve listed the Pallas’s cat as Least Concern. This is one step better than Near Threatened (see categories below). In other words, they …

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Snow leopard population size (2022). Low and declining.

Snow leopard Flehmen response

The title to this page tells you that I’m going to provide you snow leopard population sizes as at 2022. It should be noted, however, that the latest information is 2016. That might seem quite bad but actually it’s quite good. It’s about six years out of date but you don’t get much better …

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The ‘authoritative’ Red List of Threatened Species is flawed and opens the door to trophy hunting

IUCN Red List Categories

The Red List should be called “Red Lost”, they are so hopeless. At last, the experts have decided that the so-called ‘authoritative’ IUCN Red List of Threatened Species is behind the curve in assessing how endangered iconic species are to extinction. The “Red List” is a vitally important organisation in conservation. It is they …

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How many lions are left in the world 2021?

Male lion

Fortunately, the IUCN Red List, the organisation charged with compiling data on the population sizes of wild cat species, can provide us with a figure which is 23,000-39,000 mature individuals. They say that the population is not severely fragmented but that it continues to decline. The population trend is: decreasing. I’m going to rely …

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