Coefficient of inbreeding (COI) in dogs and cats – a full discussion

COI - coefficient of inbreeding

At first glance this is a daunting and off-putting topic. However, we have Ben, the TikTok vet to ease us into the discussion 😎. He’s great and thanks Ben. He has a nice video of the COI of the most inbred pedigree dogs available in the UK. It is a very good start. This …

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Florida panther – conservation efforts have succeeded for now

Catamount or puma

The Florida panther can be a thorn in the side of economic growth and a barrier to improving the lives of the people of Florida – discuss. It is bit of an anomaly in that it is the only puma population in the east of the US. Are there too many human settlements which …

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Most Inbred Cat Breeds

Burmese Cat

According to a well-respected study the most inbred cat breeds are Burmese, Havana Brown, Singapura and Sokoke. These cat breeds have the lowest heterozygosity values and the highest coefficient of inbreeding (COI) values. At the second-tier level in terms of the most inbred cat breeds, the study found that the Birman, Abyssinian, Russian blue, …

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Why Are White Lion Cubs So Popular?

The white lion cub and the white tiger cub are often the major attractions at zoos. You’ll have to go to a zoo to see one because they don’t occur in the wild anymore. They occur at zoos such as Paradise Wildlife Park, UK, because they are money makers and zoo staff closely inbred …

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