Sighting of very rare golden tiger in Indian reserve signals inbreeding and poor conservation

Rare mutant golden tiger in the wild in a tiger reserve in Assam, India which signals inbreeding and poor conservation to the point where the species is jeopardised in the wild.

The golden tiger is described as a “mutant” by Sarah Hartwell. They are the result of the “expression of recessive (hidden) genes [which] show up when there is too much inbreeding”. It takes inbreeding for the golden tiger to be created and this individual was spotted in the Assam Kaziranga National Park and Tiger …

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Visitors to national parks and reserves dramatically alters animals’ behaviour negatively

Tourist vehicles near a tiger at Sariska Tiger Reserve

A new American study undermines the whole concept of wildlife reserves and national parks. The suggestion is that humans should be barred completely from wildlife reserves including tiger reserves in India. If people are serious about wildlife conservation it is time to leave wildlife alone. I’m going to refer to a couple of studies, …

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Genuine jet-black panther in a video in a tiger reserve

People are fascinated with the black panther so when you have the opportunity to see a genuine jet-black panther crossing a dusty road in the Pench Tiger Reserve in India it’s worth looking at. This is a melanistic leopard which shares territory with the Bengal tiger in this reserve. Although the leopard will avoid …

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Road traffic stopped in deference to magnificent, sauntering tiger

Traffic stops on main road in Maharashtra to let tiger cross

The manual traffic lights signal green for Bengal tiger to cross the main road. The tweet by Parveen Kaswan, a wildlife officer in India, explains it all. It is a very nice video of a magnificent tiger crossing the main road in what is believed to be Maharashtra. An official at opposite sides of …

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Tigress kills dog in front of tourists in Ranthambhore tiger reserve, India

This dog is about to be killed by a tiger called Sultana in a tiger reserve in India in front of tourists.

This unfortunate dog was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was a stray dog who was probably hanging around the tourists to try and get some scraps of food from them. As he walks along the line of Land Rovers a tigress whose name is ‘Sultana’ raced in between the vehicles …

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Canine Distemper Can Kill Tigers

Canine distemper is a well known dog virus. It is very contagious and deadly. However, it can be prevented through vaccination. It not only makes dogs very ill; it can also affect wild animals such as ferrets, raccoons, skunks, wolves and foxes. It can also infect “some felidae“. Felidae is the scientific name for …

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World’s Top Tiger Poacher

He is the world’s top tiger poacher. Bengal tiger poaching is probably the single biggest reason for the gradual extinction of the Bengal tiger. The Bengal tiger is the tiger because the other tiger subspecies are on their last legs. If a tiger subspecies can survive it is the Bengal tiger but….not like this. …

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