Javanese Cat

Javanese cat

Above: Javanese Cat Peanut Photo: © Helmi Flick Note: I am using terms from the US standpoint. In Europe the term “Javanese” means something different, a solid-colored Oriental Longhair. Introduction If the Balinese is a “Modern” Siamese with long fur, the Javanese is a Balinese with “unconventional” (non-traditional) points. Confused?  It is also described …

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Balinese Cat

Introduction You could almost summarize this cat in several words, a Siamese cat with longer fur but it is not quite as straight forward as that, not for me in any event. Gloria Stephens who wrote Legacy of the Cat, illustrated by Tetsu, deals with the Siamese, Balinese (in both shorthair and longhair) and …

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