Blue-dyed rescue cat maybe used for dog bait is super-friendly

Smurf a cat dyed blue for an unknown reason

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is Smurf. The rescue people don’t know why he was dyed blue but they have suggested – and it is a reasonable suggestion – that he was prepared for dog bait. You may know that illegal dog fighting groups sometimes take cats from the street and dye them different colours …

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Colour-Coded Cats Used As Bait by Dog Fighters

Color-coded cat

Color-coded with paint or permanent marker unwanted cats are used as bait in dog fights. Spectators bet on which color will survive the longest. It doesn’t surprise me, almost nothing surprises me nowadays concerning acts of cruelty against animals. In this instance it has come to my attention that cats acquired in various ways, …

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Quote from a dog fighter: “The hardest thing is to get enough..cats to use as bait…”

Quote from a dog fighter

Quote from a dog fighter: “The hardest thing is to get enough dogs and cats to use as bait during training…”. You can see the remainder of the words on the FB notice online. It comes from 2017 but it as valid today as it was then. It is chilling. Cat owners have to …

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Devaluing The Companion Animal

Introductory note: I apologize for having to write about animal cruelty. For some of us, it does hurt to read about it. I do try and balance the sort of articles that are on PoC so there is a wide variety, reflecting the wide variety of circumstances and happenings in the world of cats. …

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