Abandonment of Persian cats, Ragdolls, Maine Coons and Bengals have soared by up to 300% since 2018 as owners struggle with inherited health problems

This is a picture of four top breeds with unacceptable health issues due to inherited diseases resulting in the cats being relinquished to the RSPCA rescue centres in greater numbers since 2018.

My thanks to the Mail Online for being at the vanguard of discussing domestic cat breeds. They do focus on cats quite a lot which I like. And in this instance, they’ve focused on a topic which I’ve been concerned about for about 15 years. It’s a topic which should concern anybody who wants …

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Infographic on extreme Maine Coon muzzle versus Grand Champion muzzle

Maine Coon muzzle in relation to CFA breed standard

The Maine Coon muzzle is a part of this cat breed’s anatomy which cuts it out from the pack of other cat breeds and tells us that we are looking at a Maine Coon. There are other appearance features which achieve this including the overall size, the lynx-tipped ears, the shaggy, medium-longhaired coat and …

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Maine Coon cat breeders: an instructive story of buying from a breeder

Size difference between Maine Coon and standard domestic cat. This is Omar on the right.

This is about Maine Coon cat breeders, cat breeders generally, and Jim Atkinson of, formerly, Wasychigan Maine Coons, specifically. It is written by Michael (MB), and edited by Valley Girl (VG) who also had the idea and who sourced the stories of Meron and Laura referred to below who bought Maine Coon cats from …

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Looks disgusting! How a Maine Coon breeder makes raw cat food.

Raw cat food for Maine Coons in Russia

The picture, showing the raw ingredients before they are mashed up into a cat food, looks disgusting to me but maybe I am alone in that viewpoint. I don’t know whether this cat food is good or bad. I think it must be good because the cats look great and that must be the …

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Maine Wave – Rexed Maine Coon Cat

Rexed Maine Coon

The Maine Wave, a rexed Maine Coon cat, never became a recognised cat breed. FYI – ‘rexed’ means having a curly or wavy-haired coat. The history of the Maine Wave is rather patchy and unfortunate. With more luck and some common sense, it could have been a successful cat breed. The first The curly …

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Maine Coon youngster with the grandest ears

Maine Coon kitten with the tallest biggest ears and lynx tips you'll see

I am very impressed by this Maine Coon youngster. This is another cat from the Cattery Marvel Forest in Russia. The ears of this cat are the part of their anatomy which caught my eye. The Russian breeders are guided by the World Cat Federation (WCF) as I recall whereas America breeder are usually …

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Maine Coon kitty who looks like a baby werewolf

Maine Coon kitten looks like a baby werewolf

This is a Russian bred Maine Coon from the Marvel Forest cattery. If you want an extreme bred Maine Coon search the Russian breeders. They do amazing things with Maine Coons. This little fella does not look like a Maine Coon (MC) but I believe he grew up to be an amazing individual of …

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