Maine Coon kitty who looks like a baby werewolf

Maine Coon kitten looks like a baby werewolf

This is a Russian bred Maine Coon from the Marvel Forest cattery. If you want an extreme bred Maine Coon search the Russian breeders. They do amazing things with Maine Coons. This little fella does not look like a Maine Coon (MC) but I believe he grew up to be an amazing individual of …

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Never owned a cat before and he succumbed to an angelic Maine Coon kitten

First cat he owned was this angelic kitten

He or she says (on “Never owned a cat, know nothing about cats, bought this Maine Coon kitten today, meet Sushi” I have to comment. I can see why he succumbed to the charms of this angelic looking kitten. If you are thinking about adopting a cat, seeing this beauty for sale would …

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Maine Coon Kitten with Spectacles and Tufts

Maine Coon kitten

The spectacles refer to the white fur around the eyes. Cat breeders sometimes call the appearance ‘spectacles’. The tufts are the lynx tips at the tip of the ears and these ones are particularly outstanding. This is the hallmark of the Maine Coon as is the strong, square shaped muzzle which is very evident …

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