15 young Maine Coons move in sync as they track object

Dozens of Maine coon kittens move their heads in sync as they track object

This is an exceptional video from Russia, where else? They breed the best Maine Coons which is ironic as it is America’s cat. The Maine Coon is the American cat – and Russia’s! It’s funny; perhaps the Maine Coon might bring about detente between America and Russia. I am sure that Russian breeders discuss …

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7 Maine Coon Kittens

7 Maine Coon Kittens, a great large format photograph by Helmi Flick. The photogaph is ©copyright Helmi Flick. Please respect copyright. Helmi says this about capturing this picture: “I affectionately call these kittens “The Magnificent Seven.” These seven came from Christie Montgomery’s cattery, Koonary Maine Coons, in Fort Worth, Texas. Steve, Christie’s husband, and …

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