Modern Siamese Cats

Long Faced Cats

Here’s a large collage of some long faced cats for aficionados of this sort of cat anatomy. The long faced cat is a development of the modern Siamese cat, and other cats that were subsequently created from that breed, such as the Oriental Shorthair and Balinese, a long haired Siamese. A lot of people like what …

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Modern Siamese Cats

Modern Siamese cats photo ©copyright Helmi Flick Contents Introduction Voted for Traditional or Modern? Appearance Personality Health Communication – some fun Genetics Links to lots more Click here to see visitors’ submissions Breeders + standards A page (new window) on the pointed auspicious cat (19th century) showing a semi-cobby body type of the original Siamese …

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SIAMESE ROSE by Rose (Toronto, Ontario Canada) For the past 20 years I have owned Siamese,and have also bred two litters just to have the pick of the litters. I am Siamese through and through. I understand there are three types, Traditional, Classic and Modern. I like Traditional and Classic. I find Modern too extreme, …


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