Picture of a modern chocolate pointed Siamese cat

Chocolate point modern Siamese with unusual markings and a snow white coat

This is a nice picture of a modern chocolate point Saimese cat. One commenter described this cat as ‘noble’. I can understand the description. This individual has a great face. The chocolate pointing is unusual, I think, in the way it is cleanly delineated. It looks great. The non-pointed areas are snow white which …

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Thai cats – describing their place in the Siamese cat family

People have different points of view about Thai cats. And it is quite a complicated history. I will present my views and try and simplify the history. Although I expect someone to disagree with me. Thai cats are a relatively new form of Siamese cat. It is probably politically incorrect to describe Thai cats …

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Average life expectancy of a Siamese cat

Modern Siamese

As this is an imprecise science I don’t believe that you can provide a confident answer to a question about the life expectancy of a Siamese cat. However, there are clear indications that the Siamese cat’s life expectancy is shorter than average. It is similar to that of the contemporary Persian cat. Both these …

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Cat Abuse and the Modern Siamese Cat

This is a slightly provocative post. It is deliberately so. There is probably or possibly a link between cat abuse and the modern Siamese cat (and the Persian cat). The modern Siamese cat, as I have called it, is the super slender, cat with the exaggeratedly elongated face and giant ears that is far …

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Most Popular Cat Breeds in America 2011

There is an ongoing debate about which cat breeds are the most popular. Popularity will change over time and the methods for deciding the most popular also affects the results. There are at least three ways to measure cat breed popularity: In a straight poll from a wide cross section of society, hopefully from …

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Siamese Cat Breeders

Is this a Classic Siamese Cat? – see below The title of this page is misleading. The page is about the traditional or old style Siamese cat. The selective breeding of this cat is very relevant. There are several types of Siamese cat. The most extreme is the what I have called the ‘modern …

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