Charismatic cat becomes the son and lover of a Ukrainian soldier in the war

Cats fight with Ukrainian warriors

“Shaybyk had the biggest charisma. It was getting cold, so I took him with me one night into my sleeping bag. And that’s when I fell in love with that cat,” said Liashuk, 26. “He’s not just my best friend, he’s my son.” – Politico Don’t you love those words? Such a close relationship. …

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Pictures of bodega cats enjoying warmth from machines

Beautiful ginger tabby Bodega cat enjoying the heat coming out of a till in a shop.

Bodega cats are famous. Particularly the New York bodega cats. And domestic cats are famously attracted to sources of warmth. The shops might get quite chilly during the winter with the front door open. And all devices on standby, as they must be in a shop, will emit heat. This includes freezers and chillers …

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Towser, holds the record for the champion mouser of all time

Towser the queen of mousers

It’s nice to recognise the useful hunting skills of the domestic cat and Towser (1963-1987) holds the record for the champion mouser of all time. She was a tortoiseshell cat owned by Glenturret Distillery, near Crieff, Tayside, Scotland. She is reported to have killed an average of three mice a day, every day of …

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How do cats hunt mice?

Mouse hunt is over

The question implicitly refers to domestic cats. Cat guardians probably know the answer through their experience of seeing their cats bring mice into their home and release them. If alive and able mice sometimes run under furniture such as sideboards. Domestic cats will silently wait and watch an exit to the furniture in the …

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