What cat breed is the most sociable?

Oriental Shorthair cat

Cats who are sociable towards humans and cats are friendly cats. A recent study of about 4,000 purebred cats living in Finland and carried out by scientists from the University of Helsinki, through questionnaires sent to the cats’ owners, concluded that the cats from the Far East were the friendliest. To be more specific …

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Oriental cat satisfies CFA breed standard for leg length

Oriental breed standard satisfied for this cat regarding leg length. Photo: Pinterest. Words added.

Cats of the Oriental breed (shorthair and longhair) are good photographic subjects because they have interesting bodies. That’s not a good reason to breed them with exceptional long legs, huge ears and long faces (extreme breeding) but they do look interesting in front of the camera. Of all the breeds there are probably more …

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Photo of Oriental Longhair

Oriental Longhair

Although Helmi has not described this cat as an Oriental Longhair, he has to be judging by his appearance. His name is Jack of Noah’s Ark. The photograph has an ethereal quality, semi-translucent, which I like. It gives Jack a mysterious appearance. The face is 100% Oriental Shorthair or Longhair; long and thin (and …

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