Angst over possible ban of dachshund in Germany

Dachshund going for a walk in a beautiful park on a beautiful evening

You might know that in Germany they have a concept called “torture breeding“. In that country they believe that if breeders create animals which are inherently unhealthy they should be banned. It applies to certain cat breeds such as flat-faced Persians and the hairless Sphynx. This story from The Times does not refer to …

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Animal advocate says that PETA is urging public officials to kill more animals

Boe was an emaciated dog tethered all his life and who suffered from cancer. He was euthanised by PETA.

Nathan Winograd, a man who I admire and who describes himself as “The voice of America’s displaced pets and the conscience of the animal sheltering industry” literally hates PETA for the fact that they euthanize too many companion animals. Winograd and PETA have entirely different attitudes towards euthanasia. Winograd hammers PETA In a recent …

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Infographic on making zoos better places for big cats

Tiger at a zoo

This is a compact infographic on making zoos better places for big cats. Many zoos in the West and developed countries have almost certainly adopted these techniques and more but we don’t have to look far to find abysmal zoos in developing countries which are frankly examples of animal cruelty where big cats pace …

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Can you request in your will that your companion animal must be killed on your death?

Richard Avanzino, with Sido, in 1979

It is a peculiar question to me but some people do request in their will that the executor of their will has their healthy companion animal, usually a cat or dog, euthanized (actually killed) after they’ve died because they might believe that nobody can care for their pet as well as they could. And …

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What is PETA’s policy on TNR (trap-neuter-release) and feral cats?

PETA on TNR and feral cats

“PETA’s position has never been that all feral cats should be euthanized.” The Infographic above explains PETA’s policy on TNR and feral cats in general. There has to be an overlap between their policy on TNR and their policy on feral cats. PETA has a reputation for killing cats. Some people think that they …

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Media officer to Brazil’s Word Cup football in Qatar team brutally grabs a stray cat and dumps it

Media officer to Brazil's football team at World Cup in Qatar brutally grabs a stray cat from the table and dumps it

NEWS AND COMMENT – QATAR FOOTBALL WORD CUP: The media officer to Brazil’s World Cup football team in Qatar 2022, grabbed hold of a tabby stray cat who had wandered onto the table at which they are delivering a press conference and throws the cat onto the ground. Nothing particularly special about it except …

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3 definitions of ‘speciesism’ plus a discussion and an infographic

What is speciesism?

The reason why I think the word “speciesism” needs to be discussed is because I’ve seen different definitions of it and one of those definitions I believe is misguided and it is the one which Google finds and places at the top of their search results (on December 7, 2022-things change!) PETA’s definition This …

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4 quotes from Ingrid Newkirk, PETA’s founder, on domestic cats

It is useful to try and get inside the head of Ingrid Newkirk on the issue of domestic cats. Does she approve of them? The same question applies to dogs. Newkirk has one of the most persuasive voices in animal welfare worldwide. She is the co-founder of PETA with fellow animal rights activist Alex …

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