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Cat plays guitar with teeth

Cat plays the guitar with his mouth. Why?

I had never seen a cat playing the guitar with his mouth before. Plucking the strings with his teeth. I don’t expect you have either. It has a certain musicality about it, which I...

Oriental shorthair kitten

Fabric eating and pedigree Oriental cats

It’s become quite well known that the family of Oriental cat breeds which includes the Siamese, Javanese and Oriental shorthair and longhair (and other breeds), are susceptible to developing eating non-nutritious substances, which is...

Pica in cats clipart by @A-Kawaii-Narwal

What does pica eating disorder stand for?

What does pica eating disorder stand for? Answer, it does not stand for anything in this context. It is a word rather than an acronym. Although it is an acronym for a dozen or...

Feline wool-sucking

Lanolin and early weaning is why cats suck wool

“Wool-sucking is the act of feeding at a ghost-nipple….[and] lanolin acts as a powerful unconscious reminder of the mother’s belly…” – Dr Desmond Morris. I think by now, most experienced cat owners understand that...

Pale gums in cat with anemia

Why does my cat eat soil?

Why does my cat eat soil? Dr Fogle DVM tells us in Complete Cat Care that, ‘Some anaemic cats lick bricks or concrete, or eat litter or soil’. There you have it; your cat...

Pica in cats

Can cats get eating disorders?

I’m discussing domestic cats and whether they can get eating disorders, a definition of which is “…a range of psychological disorders characterised by abnormal or disturbed eating habits….’ What are we referring to? I...

Kruger lions and tourists

Are Kruger Lions Suffering from Pica?

This may be a sign that a lion or lions in Kruger NP are suffering from pica. Either an individual lion or some members of a pride of lions are gnawing on visitors’ car...

Kittens Sometimes Suck Their Thumbs

Kittens Sometimes Suck Their Thumbs

I had no idea that kittens sometimes suck their thumbs. It is probably unusual but this video is good evidence it happens and it confirms that cats seek pacifiers just like people.

Pica In Cats

by Michael (London, UK) Cats like to eat grass – Photo by Irregular Shed (Flickr) Pica in cats means eating non-nutritional objects. Pica can affect any animal including the human animal. It affects dogs...

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