Thanks a lot for your donation towards the running costs of PoC


Just so you know, paying myself a below minimum wage of $10 per hour my net loss per day on the website is about $50. Receiving small donations helps to limit the loses. Once again thanks for your generosity. It genuinely helps. In addition to the running costs PoC has given thousands of dollars …

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Five cents to animal charity for every comment throughout October 2020

PoC comment scheme

I want to restart a scheme that I ran a long time ago. Every comment that a visitor makes is worth five cents to an animal charity. The total will be added up at the end of October. The person who makes the best comment (as judged by me can) decides which charity is …

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America: charitable donations to companion animals are much higher than to farm animals

Artificial meat

I wanted to write something about charitable donations. Do you know why? It’s because the keyword “donations” is a good one if you want to increase advertising revenue. I’m trying to increase advertising revenue on PoC and in doing so I discovered something which is perhaps slightly disturbing but at the same time to …

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PoC donates $42.50 to Tommy’s Feral Feline Friends in Greene, Maine

Following the five cents per comment cat charity scheme which I ran in August and following the suggestions to donate the $42.50 raised, I decided to donate the money to Tommy’s Feral Feline Friends as suggested by Francis A Danna. I made the donation about 20 minutes ago: As always, the decision as to …

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I have $42.50 to give to a cat charity. You choose.

PoC donations

Last month I ran a five cents per comment cat charity program. In other words for every comment made PoC would donate five cents to a cat charity of choice. My intention was to let the leading commenter for August choose the cat charity. Unfortunately, the person wrote the most comments does not wish …

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939 comments in May: US$47 donated to the Quincy Animal Shelter

Donation to Quincy Animal Shelter

The month of May has been a great month for comments on this website, PoC. You may remember that in the top left-hand corner of the homepage (and top right on subsequent pages) I left a notice saying that every comment would earn five cents for an animal charity chosen by one of the …

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£100 PoC Donation to Walsall Cats Protection

This is a short note to say that I have made a £100 donation to the Walsall branch of Cats protection as part of the regular PoC donations. Cats Protection do wonderful work and I am a member. Leah, a regular supporter of PoC, made the suggestion. I have made previous donations to Cats …

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PoC cat charity donation for November 2013

There were 1359 comments in November (21,830 – 20,471) at 5 cents per comment making $67.95 USD. Round that up to $68. I promised to double it making $136. In pounds that makes £84. That is this month’s cat charity donation from PoC. Can someone remind me if we had decided on a charity? …

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