When and how to make your cat vomit to treat poisoning

Insecticides are the most common cat poisons

I think that every cat owner should know when and how to make their cats vomit. It sounds a bit intimidating but making your cat vomit is an emergency cure or treatment for poisoning when a cat ingests something which is poisonous. It should be done quickly. To achieve this the owner needs to …

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Himalayan salt lamp was addictive to cat and almost killed her

Ruby poisoned by a salt lamp but survived

Ruby, a little Turkish Van-type cat, licked a Himalayan salt lamp because it tasted good and became seriously ill. She was poisoned by the salt which caused her brain to swell. This caused neurological problems such as ‘walking really strangely’ and ‘her basic senses and abilities [were] gone in 12 hours’. Ruby lives with …

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Petitioning  Jerry Brown: Ban rodent poisons that decimate populations of mountain lions and bobcats · Change.org

Poison bait boxes intended to kill rats placed in public places such as restaurants, schools and shopping centres are killing bobcats and mountain lions in California and elsewhere. See an earlier post with photos of a poisoned but living cougar. It is not pretty. What happens is that the rodent poison may kill or …

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Activated Charcoal for Cats

Activated charcoal can be used in the decontamination of a poisoned cat. It has been suggested that every cat owner should have some activated charcoal in their medicine cabinet or feline first aid kit. I am receiving slightly conflicting information about its use, however. It works by absorbing toxicants (toxic substances that have been …

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Vet clinic accidentally kills cat with dog drug

bosco poisoned at vets

“What I think now is his death sentence was sealed the moment she injected him.” On the left is Bosco, about 12-years-of-age and on the right is pensioner Lillian Carr, Bosco’s former owner. Bosco is now dead and cremated because unfortunately a veterinary nurse administered a dog drug (we don’t know the name) to Bosco …

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What Do You Do if Your Cat Ingests Poisons?

Cats are naturally curious creatures. They love to investigate the new spring plants that you’ve brought home to plant around the house. They love it when all the springtime bugs come out from hiding. They also like to investigate any cabinets or closets that have been left open. As much as your cat thinks …

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