Ragdoll cats and kidney disease. A discussion.

Ragdoll cats are not predisposed to kidney disease according to 2 studies that I read and on my interpretation of those studies.

Ragdoll cats are one of the world’s most popular purebred cats today; well suited to a full-time indoor life, it is said. That doesn’t mean that their minds don’t need stimulating in an enriched environment. Kidney disease is prevalent among all domestic cats as an illness which not infrequently occurs in old age and …

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Ragdoll cat the most popular breed in Australia because they are good indoor cats

The Ragdoll cat would appear to be the most popular cat breed in Australia because they are more suited to the full-time indoor life which is what the Australian government wants.

The world knows that Australia has a domestic cat problem! That problem is that some of them become feral cats and the feral cat is the archenemy of the Australian state because they kill native species. There is a big push in Australia to keep cats indoors full-time to protect the said native species. …

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Tammy Hembrow’s infant daughter, Posy, clambers all over the family’s Ragdoll cat Bubbles

Posy clambers all over Bubbles

This makes slightly uncomfortable viewing if you are genuinely concerned about animal AND infant welfare. Tammy Hembrow has received a lot of negative publicity through mainstream online news media such as the Daily Mail because she allowed her nine-month-old daughter Posy to crawl over, in an uncomfortable way, the family’s Ragdoll cat, Bubbles.   …

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Occasionally, I like to simply publish a photograph of a champion show cat with their title to give readers an idea of what a top-quality purebred, pedigree cat looks like. In this instance I have chosen a cat from the Sal-Shire Ragdolls cattery. This cat is a CFA Grand Champion and a TICA Supreme …

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Infographic: Ragdoll is the world’s most popular cat breed

Picture of the perfect Ragdoll cat

According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) the Ragdoll is the world’s most popular cat breed and has been for the past four years. The Infographic relates to 2020. The infographic is interesting, as well, for the fact that it shows the other most popular breeds. We know that the Maine Coon is popular …

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Why some cats are better for your children than others

Birthday girl with her Persian kitten

There are two major aspects to children interacting with domestic cats which have a bearing upon the safety of the child. The first is whether the child has been trained to interact with a domestic cat properly and the second is the character and socialisation of the cat. It’s been said many times, so …

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