Choose a veterinarian sensibly (infographic)

Choose your vet sensibly

The infographic says almost all I want to say on the topic but I’ll add a few afterthoughts. If I was living in the United States, the number one criteria would be the head vet’s response to the question: “Do you declaw cats for non-therapeutic reasons?” A yes answer would mean instant rejection. A …

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Non Declaw Veterinarians are GOOD GUYS

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra The Paw Project say on their Facebook page that they are very happy to announce these Veterinary Clinics do not declaw cats: The Cat Clinic of Chattanooga,Tennessee They also state: “We do not believe in euthanasia for the sake of owner convenience” – nice. The name of the veterinarian who …

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Declaw Bouquets and Brickbats for Veterinarians

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra Definition of a virtual bouquet: A compliment or expression of praise. Definition of a virtual brickbat: A remark or comment that is highly critical and typically insulting. Rose’s thoughts on another page about Pine Grove Animal Hospital inspired this article and poster: She said: ‘Just been mulling this over and …

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Declawing Cats

See the story behind this picture. The American nation is in denial about declawing cats. But it is gradually coming out of it. There is so much to say about this subject that I decided to build an umbrella page, this one, to hold all the blog posts and whatever else is produced. This …

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Rate Veterinarians on Declawing

I would like American people to rate veterinarians on declawing that are practising in north America in respect of one service, that of declawing cats. It is my view that a significant percentage of American veterinarians who are affiliated to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) are in breach of both their oath and …

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