Cats evolved from a North American saber-toothed predator 42 million years ago (2022 research)

Cats evolved from a fierce sabre-toothed predator that prowled North America 42 million years ago, according to new research

Researchers have decided that cats evolved from a fierce saber-toothed predator that occupied North America 42 million years ago. They also decided that this “new species” was among one of the first mammals to be an obligate carnivore. At this time, I don’t have the full report of the study. And therefore, I don’t …

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Saber Tooth Tiger

Saber Tooth Tiger – photograph and artwork are © copyright  Ian Coleman published here with his permission. You can see the superb wildlife art of Ian Coleman by clicking on this link: The Wildlife Art of Ian Coleman Introduction The Saber Tooth Tiger (Saber is spelled Sabre in the UK) became extinct some 10,000 …

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