Video tells you why ‘pet’ caracals are not pets at all

This pet caracal is far too defensively aggressive to be a successful companion and therefore cannot be called a pet in the true sense.

So, you’ve thought about buying an exotic pet cat as you are fascinated by the wild cats. The phrase ‘exotic pet’ includes pet wild cats. Actually ‘pet wild cat’ is an oxymoron as wild cats do not make pets as this video shows. A pet is a domesticated animal that is kept primarily for …

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Origin of word ‘moggy’

Black and white Moggie

There are 2 parts to the article. Please read the entire page as I believe the updating second part to be more accurate but the origin of the word ‘moggie’ is still somewhat up for discussion after all these years in use. The first part is by an appreciated visitor to the site. Michael …

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What is the origin of the Cheshire Cat?

Cheshire cat

In Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland readers encounter a large, grinning cat lying on the hearth. Alice is told that the cat is grinning from ear to ear because they are from Cheshire but there’s no explanation as to why cats from that county in England (see map below) should be predisposed to smiling …

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Boris Johnson’s tomcat swagger ‘neutered’ by events of his own making

Boris neutered

In the news at the moment there is a plethora of cat analogies to describe the trials and tribulations of Boris Johnson, the UK’s former prime minister who recently resigned due to a cascade of criticism over his inability to stick to the rules. In the Sunday Times today there is a big article …

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Why do cats smack their lips?

Grooming around the mouth versus displacement activity

Domestic cats do not smack their lips. They use their tongue to groom themselves around the mouth because they are fastidiously clean creatures. They need to remove food particles from around their mouth; called ‘autogrooming’. As opposed to ‘allogrooming’ which is grooming another cat or a person. It’s a simple as that really. The …

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