Scottish Fold cat

Sweet Scottish Fold is increasingly popular but caveat emptor

Recently, the Scottish Fold has become more popular because of an increased interest in this sweet looking cat, particularly from…

2 months ago

How many cats does Lisa have?

Lisa has 4 purebred, pedigree cats. Due credit to Lisa that the question in the title makes the presumption that…

7 months ago

Why are Scottish Folds in pain?

The question in the title presupposes that all Scottish Fold cats suffer from chronic pain but my research indicates that…

8 months ago

Taylor Swift’s cats eat off the same table as her. Why the shock?

Kathryn Lindsay writing on the refinery29 website and published on msn lifestyle website gives me the impression that she is…

9 months ago

Scottish Fold de-registered in the UK half a century ago but popular in America and Japan

The Scottish is not registered with the premier cat association in the UK but is accepted and registered in America…

2 years ago

Feline Cuteness Can Come At A Hidden Price

For me, and I do have a particular taste embedded in reality and welfare, this video is not helpful to…

2 years ago

Scottish Fold

Introduction Origin Genetics - health - breeding Longhair Breed Standard To Check Note Click here to see visitors' submissions Introduction…

8 years ago

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8 years ago

Blue Scottish Fold Named Gibson

by Amber (Ontario Canada) I have a blue Scottish fold named Gibson. He is two years old. When I first…

8 years ago