Selective breeding and smaller cats would help to resolve the problem of hip dysplasia in large cat breeds

Hip dysplasia in cats

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences has done a study into hereditary hip dysplasia in Maine Coon cats. They concluded that the size of the cat is a major contributing factor in cats developing hip dysplasia. They also said that selective breeding plays a part not just in terms of reducing the size of …

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1930s Persian cat compared with 2000 variant (picture)

1938 Persian cat

The difference that 80 or more years of selective breeding makes to the Persian cat can be seen in the photo. The breeders decided in about 1930 that they needed to refine the appearance of the Persian cat. For some unimaginable reason they decided that refinement meant flattening the face to unnatural proportions and …

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Mass spaying and neutering might leave us with less nice cats

Sweet kitten

“..the widespread adoption of early neutering by the most responsible cat owners risks pushing the domestic cat genetics back gradually towards the wild, away from their current domesticate state.” (Dr Bradshaw of Cat Sense) Humans selectively breed purebred cats mainly for their glamorous appearance. We almost never selectively breed random bred cats (moggies). However, …

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Vintage Maine Coon and Persian Cat Pictures

[slideshow_deploy id=’57305′] Can you tell the difference between the Maine Coons and Persians in these vintage pictures in the slide show above? I am sure you can but there ain’t much in the difference. There are five Persians and three Maine Coons. Persians were more common than the Maine Coon in 1903. A Maine …

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Large Eyes of Pedigree Purebred Cats

Pedigree, purebred cats have inordinately large eyes. Not all the breeds have the same overly large eyes, but even breeds, such as the Abyssinian, that are meant to be “balanced”, have unnaturally large eyes. Let’s not forget that cats already have large eyes, much larger than ours, relative to head size, as they have …

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