Sphynx breed standard – summary plus illustration

Sphynx Cat photographed by Helmi Flick

This is an illustrated version of the breed standard for the purebred Sphynx cat. This an interesting, intelligent cat that is nice to touch and hold – the feel of warm, silky chamois leather. The photograph is by the celebrated cat photographer, Helmi Flick. It is protected by copyright, which I ask you to …

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Hairless and eyeless cat Jasper from a horror movie

Jasper - a hairless and eyeless cat

This is Jasper who is both hairless and eyeless. He’s a Sphynx cat so that he is hairless for that reason and he lost his eyes to a feline herpesvirus infection. He lost his right eye first as it became ulcerated and had to be removed. Then five years later he lost his other …

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Picture of Sphynx cat shows a lot of skin between arm and body

Sphynx cat picture shows the skin between foreleg and torso of the domestic cat

Sphynx cats tend to throw up some strange photographs. One I published years ago showed the webbed feet of cats. The hairless cat’s lack of fur reveals more clearly the domestic cat’s anatomy to us. We see things we would not normally see. In this instance we see a lot of loose skin attached …

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Exploitation of hairless cats for self-aggrandizement

Dressed-up Sphynx cat

For me, and I suspect many others, this is an example of the exploitation of hairless cats for self-aggrandizement. A lot of people will disagree with me and enjoy the videos on TikTok, one of which is published below. I’ll explain what I mean. This woman, in Russia, realises that Sphynx cats have an …

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Street artist paints illusion of Sphynx cat on old gas tank

Street artist paints mind-bending illusion of Sphynx cat on old gas tank

A very impressive work of art. For me there are two things that make it work so well. Firstly the artist, Tom Bragado Blanco from Marseille, France, paints the landscape behind the gas tank onto the gas tank as well as the Sphynx cat. This makes the gas tank disappear and it looks like …

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