‘Cat ladies’ arrested, charged with criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct

Two Wetumpka, Alabama ‘cat ladies’ were arrested over the summer and charged with criminal trespassing on public land, disorderly conduct, and interfering with government operations. Mary Alston, 60, and Beverly Roberts, 84 thought they were doing a good deed for their community by practicing TNR (trap, neuter, return). They would set traps for the …

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Are there more cats than humans in Cyprus?

Community cats of Cyprus

This is a reference to domestic, stray and feral cats as there are no native wild cats on the island of Cyprus. There are probably more cats than humans on Cyprus in 2022. The estimated number of stray, feral and domestic cats on the island of Cyprus varies between 1.2 million-2 million on my …

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American TNR volunteers struggle to get cats spayed/neutered due to shortage of vets

San Antonio captured feral cat

NEWS AND COMMENT-SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS: The San Antonio Express News online has a disturbing story for cat advocates and lovers and those interested in helping feral cats. They need our help. It features the work of volunteer Elva Orosco who works with the San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition. She is struggling to get her …

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Cost-effective vet appointments restrict TNR programs

Oneida city council members at the meeting to discuss feral cats and other issues

This is a feral cat story from Oneida, New York. Oneida is a city in Madison County, New York State. As is the case in many other American cities they have a group of volunteers who carry out TNR programs to try and stabilise the feral cat population. They are called the Cat Committee. …

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How fast do cats breed?

Mom Cat and Kitten Cat

I’m referring to domestic, stray and feral cats. I am not referring to wild cats because there is quite a big difference. Without some sort of restraint on numbers (and there is always restraint on numbers) a cat population can increase “at a startling rate” according to Dr. Desmond Morris. And according to anybody …

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Veterinarian wants to cut off way too much of the ear when ear-tipping

Veterinarian seems to deliberately ear tip badly to annoy the TNR volunteer who brings the cat to him/her. This seems to be a case where they were stopped mid-stream.

This is a comment on PoC by a visitor who is, as you can see, a coordinator and trapper for her local TNR organisation. The person should be praised for her work. She has criticised the veterinarian who ‘ear tips’ the cats in her care. You have probably heard of the process – a …

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