History of the domestic cat living side by side with the wildcat in Britain (and Northern Europe)

Wildcats introduced into the Cairngorms region of Scotland

Domestic cats have been in Britain for around at least 2,000 years and based on genetic analysis their ancestors were the Near Eastern wildcat (North African wildcat) which is now regarded as common knowledge. I had thought that the Romans brought domestic cats to Britain in around 200 AD but it appears to be …

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Domestic cats are NOT an invasive species everywhere

Which gender of domestic cat is better with kids?

People ask the question: “Why are domestic cats and invasive species?” And the answer is that in most countries of the world domestic cats did not evolve in those countries but they were brought there by people. It is only when an animal either evolves in a certain place or its distribution extends to …

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What wild cats are in Texas?

Black bobcat

The bobcat and the mountain lion a.k.a. the puma are definitely in Texas. The ocelot is said by some to be in Texas. You will see a range of opinions on whether the ocelot is in Texas or whether it has become extinct in that state. If it does exist in Texas, it is …

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Wild Cat Species in Illinois

Area where bobcat is supposedly absent in Illinois

Illinois is in the ‘Midwest’ of the USA, just below the Great Lakes. This is quite important because it is a relatively densely populated and intensively cultivated area of the USA. It is a state in the second tier of most densely populated states of the USA. Human population density is relevant to the …

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