Has this cat hater gone too far with his DIY automatic anti-cat device?

Has this cat hater gone too far?

NEWS AND COMMENT – PERTH: A peeved and frankly angry Australian man, Craig Turner, built a device which sprays a lot of water at a cat who enters his property and which is fired off by a motion detector. It’s also linked to a camera so the whole thing is filmed for his successful …

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YouTube film-makers are staging kitten rescues for money

Kitten trapped inside a piece of cast-iron drainpipe

YouTube film-makers are staging kitten rescues for money and pretending that the rescue is genuine. You can make quite a lot of money out of a successful YouTube video through Google AdSense adverts. In fact, you can make a living out of it. But the marketplace is very competitive. It is hard to create …

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Steve Cash creator of successful YouTube channel Talking Kitty Cat takes own life

Steve Cash

Steve Cash made clever and entertaining talking cat videos. He had 2.46 million subscribers and his videos regularly achieved over 10 million views each. He must have been making good money. He was successful. He was a fast talking, very erudite and clever guy. But he shot himself dead. He says he was bipolar. …

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Man meows loudly at his sleeping cat to take revenge for being woken up

Mean man scares his own cat

For me this is stupid, unhelpful and mindlessly commercial. It is actually cruel. It is actually bloody awful to look at to be perfectly honest. He is a mean looking man, isn’t he? He does not look very nice and his behaviour is inline with his appearance. His behavior achieves nothing except for a …

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