F1 Savannah cat ‘Titan’ – impressive appearance, great character

F1 Savannah cat

TITAN – a male F1 savannah cat in a pet store in the USA with his owner with still images from a video. The cat comes from A1 Savannahs. The still images are by Kathrin Stucki. I also present another video of Titan ‘entertaining the children’ which comes first plus some still images taken …

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F1 Savannah cat jumps to top bunk to wake sleeping boy

Magic wakes up Andreas

This is a very successful video of F1 Savannah cat Magic waking up Andreas who is the son of Martin and Kathrin Stucki. The video was made about 13 years ago! At that time Martin and Kathrin were the owners and managers of the well-known Savannah cat breeder A1 Savannahs. The breeders are still …

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Hardest domestic cat head-butt on YouTube?

Savannah cat head butt

Cat head-butting happens a lot. It is scent exchange and friendship reinforcement. I believe this is the hardest domestic cat head-butt on YouTube! Therefore it is the hardest. If someone can disprove that statement, I’d be pleased. The cat is Titan – an F1 Savannah. This short video is an extract from an earlier …

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A1 Savannahs Breeding Queen with her Kittens

This is a straightforward short video which may interest some visitors. As described it shows a female breeding cat with an interesting tabby coat which appears to be more ticked tabby than the classic spotted tabby pattern which is the pattern of the Savannah cat, with her offspring in one of the areas of …

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