Increase in human allergies inc. asthma – reason? – children allergic to cats – spread of cat/dog allergen – environment – lifestyle

Allergens and allergies

A Guardian article online interests me because an allergy to cats affects around 10% of people (is this an underestimate?). The conclusion of the Guardian article is that more and more of us are suffering from allergies. Medicines are struggling to keep up. Theresa MacPhail completed a monumental task of looking at the development …

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The reality behind the Libby Left Behind Cats Protection Christmas video

Abandoned kittens in a box in the snow

The cute and uplifting Cats Protection Christmas video tells a story that occurs far too often in many countries. The reality is very sad and the outcome is often not as happy as presented in the video. In other words the real stories of cat and dog abandonment often don’t end in a uplifting …

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Established cat dislikes new puppy so owner wants rid of cat

Cat dislikes new puppy so owner wants rid of cat

A woman owns three cats one of whom is Wilfred. He is seven-years-of-age. She bought a beautiful Husky puppy. Two of the three cats accepted the new dog but Wilfred couldn’t. His behavior is described as “throwing tantrums and misbehaving”. The owner of these three cats and one dog said that she now hates …

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See the transformation after 2 pounds of matted fur is removed from 14-year-old cat

cat fur

It’s rare that I report on ‘old news’ unless the story is extremely interesting. I came across this YouTube video posted April 18 and felt the need to share with the readers here at PoC. On December 16, 2016, the Humane Animal Rescue League in Pittsburgh posted photos of a 14-year-old cat rescued after …

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“I am allergic to my cat” as a reason for giving him up is often untrue

Cat after play

People who give up (relinquish) their cats frequently state that they are allergic to their cat and therefore they have to give him/her up. In fact “owner allergies” is the second most frequent reason for giving up a domestic cat to a shelter. The number one reason by the way is “too many cats …

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A new way to abandon a cat and be cruel at the same time

This is a UK cat cruelty story, which adds a variation to the “throw-the-cat-out-of-a-moving-car method of feline abandonment. We all know the classic method: place kitten in a cardboard box drive down road, usually, a road on which there is fast moving traffic throw box with kitten inside out of the passenger seat window …

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