Claimed that UK’s Pet Abduction Bill may criminalise kindly interactions with street cats

Newspaper claims that “Calling ‘here puss’ to a cat in the street may become a criminal offence” in the UK when the Pet Abduction Act becomes law. Really?

By “street cats” I mean a domestic cat walking around the street, on the pavement or sidewalk because they are indoor/outdoor cats. As you may know the UK Parliament is currently debating a new law called the Pet Abduction Bill which is intended to improve upon the Theft Act 1968 in respect of the …

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Boys who stole Vancouver cat may face charges. And this may not be their first cat abduction.

This article goes into a bit more detail on the one posted by Michael pertaining to the boys who sneaked up on a family cat named Jack and stole him from a Vancouver, Washington neighborhood on June 5. A lot of people are upset, not only because the theft was caught on video of …

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The Abduction of Mr No Ears A Well-Known Feral Cat in Portugal

Mr No Ears

“Mr No Ears” is a famous semi-feral cat who used to live in a well-known colony of cats, the Peneco Beach Colony, in Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal. The colony was under the protection of the Albufeira Municipality. The colony was cared for by a registered street-cat charity called Amigos dos Gatos do Algarve (AGA). They …

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