Gentle petting and speaking to shelter cats reduces stress, improves their health and adoptability

Shelter cats are sometimes not given a chance to show their friendly character

It’s been found that when shelter cats are gently petted and talked to their chances of developing an upper respiratory infection are reduced. They are healthier because their immune system picks up. And if shelter cats are not stroked and talk to gently, they are 2.5 times more likely to become sick due to …

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If my cat attacks someone, am I criminally responsible?

Mercy and one of her wounds

The answer to the question will depend on where you live because each country has their own animal and general criminal laws. However, I would expect that what I say here will apply to all developed countries. In developing countries, the law is likely to be more slipshod. In the UK, the country’s lawmakers …

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Woman hospitalized after savage attack by Bengal cat causing deep wounds

Gash on the arm allegedly caused by a Bengal cat

Sheffield, UK-news and views: Barbara Neal claims that her neighbour’s Bengal cat attacked her savagely without provocation (see my comment at base of page, she did provoke the cat without realising it). She says that her neighbour’s Bengal cat is allowed to wander freely and had been coming into her home. She says that …

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Are Bengal cats dangerous?

Bengal cat

Bengal cats are not dangerous, no more so than any other domestic cat, but let me expand on that statement because it is quite important to do so. The first point to make is that I’m referring to F5 (fifth filial) Bengal cats. These are five generations from the wild by which I mean …

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Pictures of cats: how the Scottish wildcat should look in front of a camera

Picture of how a Scottish wildcat should look when photographed

If you are photographing a Scottish wildcat (and it will be in captivity almost certainly) you are going to get a fierce look as you can see in this photograph because they are renowned for their aggressivity in the nicest possible way because they are called a “wildcat”. They’re meant to be aggressive towards …

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How to calm an angry cat

Angry grey cat?

How do you calm an angry cat? The first thing to do is to remove yourself from the vicinity of the angry cat. Don’t force the issue. This action in itself will solve a lot of the problems to do with angry cats. It will certainly solve the problem if the angry cat doesn’t …

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