Some cruel UAE Muslim kids ignore Prophet Muhammad’s wishes to cherish cats

UAE Nurse showing a cat being shot with airgun. Courtesy of Fawaz Kanaan.

NEWS AND COMMENT – UAE: There is a tweet on the internet that has no comments and no shares. It is almost invisible. But it tells a profound story of the ignorance of some UAE Muslims who are blatantly going against the wishes of their Prophet, the founder of the Muslim faith, the Prophet …

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Should the use of air guns be licensed in the UK because 1000 cats are shot by them every year?

I’ve just written article about Kaleb Brooks, and 8-year-old a cat lover in the USA, who volunteers at his local rescue centre. His generous behaviour and respect for animals is at the opposite end of the spectrum to the mindless thugs who take enjoyment in shooting cats with airguns or crossbows in the UK. …

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Kitten uses up all nine lives in one go

An eleven week old ginger tabby kitten living in East Yorkshire, England has been shot with an air gun. This is not unusual in England. It is normally, idle, feckless youths with nothing to do, who amuse themselves by harming cats. Strange behavior. The 5 mm pellet went into his face just to the …

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