K9 JETS remove the worry of flying with your dog or cat


A dog reluctantly boards a plane during ‘the inaugural flight of K9 Jets, a private jet charter company…founded in response to both a growing desire among pet owners to travel with their animals and mounting frustration at the increasingly challenging process of flying with them. On standard commercial airlines like Delta, United, and others, …

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Cat attacks pilot of plane mid-flight

Cat attacks pilot of aircraft mid-flight

NEWS AND COMMENT – SUDAN: The cat is described as feral. Perhaps it was semi-feral. It found its way into the cockpit of a Tarco Airlines aircraft at Khartoum International Airport and was well hidden. Last Wednesday, half an hour into flight to the Qatari capital Doha the cockpit crew spotted the cat. The …

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Should I take my cat with me on vacation?

Cat on a trek in snow

Domestic cats form strong attachments to both the people they live with and the place where they live. Dogs, on the other hand, become strongly attached to their human guardian, other dogs and the place where they live comes last. Dogs have characters better suited to travel than cats. Between cats and dogs it …

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Find out how this guy got his overweight cat into the cabin of an Aeroflot flight

Mikhail and Viktor on the flight

Aeroflot is a Russian airline founded in 1923. They have a rule on the weight of pets that are allowed to travel with their human guardians in the cabin. The pet should weigh under 8 kilograms or 17.6 pounds. Mikhail Galin’s tabby cat, Viktor, weighs 10 kilograms (22 pounds). He was refused permission at …

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Can someone help Molly Jean find her cat who disappeared between gate and baggage claim at Dulles Airport?

Molly Jean has lost her cat at Dulles International Airport, Washington, Virginia, USA. She was very attached to the little guy whose name is Milo. I have to say he does look very cute and he must be terrified. Molly posted her news on Facebook on 4th Oct which is three days ago. I …

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Cat escapes carrier at Brisbane airport and staff put empty carrier on plane to Cairns

Mr and Mrs Thomas and Cookie

This is a cat-escape-at-airport story (of which there are quite a few) and what caught my eye was that the cat, a tabby-and-white whose name is Cookie escaped his cage at Brisbane airport before being put on the flight to Cairns. It’s clear that the staff on the ground at Brisbane airport decided to …

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Couple Fly to Florida with Their Cat inside Checked-In Luggage

Florida map

The Director of Public Safety and Facilities at Erie International Airport, Pennsylvania, said with massive understatement that the couple made a poor decision when they decided to transport their six-month-old female cat on a flight from Philadelphia to Florida by placing her inside their ordinary checked-in luggage with some clothes inside the suitcase. The …

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