Rescue and domestic cats need their personal space (peripersonal space) like humans

Rescue cats enjoy their personal space at Ernesto's Sanctuary in Syria

Rescue cats and domestic cats and indeed feral cats in colonies, all need their personal space just like humans. These photographs clearly illustrate this aspect of their character. When food arrives, they prioritise getting the food over the need for personal space and come together. Immediately I saw these photographs of rescue cats at …

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Aleppo’s heroic cat rescuer rebuilds his sanctuary in the countryside to the west

Aleppo's animal rescuer moved out of the city and restarted

I wrote about Mohammed Aljaleel on November 30 last year after his sanctuary, Ernesto’s House, had been bombed by Assad’s regime or the Russians. At that time he was probably the only cat and dog rescuer in the city and he was fairly famous internationally. He had heroically rescued the cats of fleeing families …

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