Photo of a fierce-looking Maine Coon deemed to be ‘hateful conduct’ by Twitter X and viewing restricted!

Elon Musk has a problem with Twitter X’s algorithm which scans images and decides if they are in violation of the social media platform’s policies. This is presumably artificial intelligence (AI) gone wrong. It is bizarre and frankly stupid although not uncommon.

Nowadays the internet is already managed in large part by pain-in-the arse computers running AI programs. Hell, our world is already being dictated to by effing AI computers. Google uses AI a lot too and their computers make some pretty basic boo-boos. Note: I love Google! Just trying to help.

I have to say it is rare for a Maine Coon to adopt this fierce facial expression. It is probably misleading as sometimes the camera can lie. When you capture and freeze a split-second moment it can give a false impression. Perhaps this cat was about to yawn or meow? It just looks like he/she is fierce. But Maine Coons are known for the balanced personalities.

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And if you want to see an extravagant, male cat show judge provide the viewing public with some basic facts about this popular breed you could do worse that watch this little film from a cat show. The guy is camp which adds a little bit of spice to the proceedings. I think he is great. He is entertaining the public and being educational at the same time. He covers the main points about this breed’s appearance.

Perhaps the guiding light for the Maine Coon cat association breed standard (breeding guidelines on appearance) is that this was a ‘natural cat’ meaning a barn cat in the state of Maine on the east coast of the United States of America for hundreds of years until the late 19th century when the nascent American cat fancy decided to make these impressive moggies purebred cats and show them off to the world.

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