Is the Ashera cat real?

Ashera GD

Yes, the Ashera cat was real. There are possibly some Ashera cats still in existence. The Ashera GD was the top of the range cat of Lystyle Pets formerly known as Allerca Cats, a controversial business selling claimed hypoallergenic cats. I say “was” because it appears that they are no longer in business. The …

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Curing Your Allergy to Cats (new injection)

Curing an allergic reaction to the domestic cat is the holy grail of commercial enterprise in the world of pets.  If a business can figure out a way to prevent people from being allergic to cats, who would otherwise be allergic, then a lot of money could be made.  It is estimated that the …

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Allerca Cats

Allerca cat

This is a fully illustrated page on Allerca cats from LIFESTYLE PETS Inc. They are controversial. The controversy has died down over the years. These cats are not registered cat breeds. There is a ready-made market for hypoallergenic cats because 10% of the population are allergic to cats. The premier, top of the range …

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