Owning a cat or dog protects the ageing human brain from deterioration

Elderly person and cat

Owning a cat or dog slows down the process of brain deterioration in elderly people. For cats, the simple act of companionship which substantially prevents the cat owner becoming lonely, is their major contribution to preventing cognitive deterioration in humans because loneliness is associated with steep declines in cognitive function. Cats also reduce stress …

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Passengers sensitive to the cat allergen can have symptoms on public transport

In an interesting, eye-opening, study conducted in Helsinki, Finland and published on October 9, 2008, scientists found that “Dog and cat allergens are present in public transport vehicles in Helsinki at levels that cause symptoms in sensitive persons.” I will focus on the cat allergen Fel D 1 but mention the canine variety. They …

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Can you desensitize your immune system to the domestic cat allergen?


Another way of asking this question is: can a person who is allergic to domestic cats reduce his or her sensitivity through exposure to them? The answer would seem to be that for many people it is possible to desensitize themselves to the allergen in domestic cat saliva which causes the allergic reaction, the …

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Can cats be allergic to dogs and vice versa?

Itchy cat

Yes, cats can be allergic to dogs and dogs can be allergic to cats although it is not something you hear much about probably because veterinarians are sometimes unsure which allergen causes an allergic reaction in a cat or dog. However, theoretically it is possible. The problem is that cat allergies appear to be …

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