Revisiting the “two talking cats” video and understanding what they are saying

Two talking cats. What are they talking about?

The truly unique “two talking cats” video on YouTube has been seen 103 million times which is unsurprising. Or perhaps it might be fair to say that it’s unique to capture on video cats talking to themselves like this. It possibly happens from time to time but it must be extremely rare. But what …

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Why does my cat lick me?

Generous Cat

For me the answer to the question, “why does my cat lick me?” mainly comes from personal observation. Mother-kitten relationship My cat looks upon me as a mother cat. All domestic cats do the same. Our cats are kept in a state of perpetual kittenhood with us as we provide for them and unwittingly …

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Cat licks your passive hand and then suddenly bites it hard. Explanation.

Cat bites hand

My conclusion from my discussion below is that domestic cats can get confused when they are licking their owner’s passive hand at a time when there is no petting and relate to the hand as food, perhaps a prey animal and bite it. It is an instinctive mental aberration brought about because of conflict …

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14 benefits to cats through the use of their tongue

Cat tongue

The feline tongue is a wonderous element of their anatomy. It can achieve a lot, thanks in part to the backward facing papillae made of keratin attached to the upper surface. These spines do a lot. Here is a list of 13 benefits to the cat when using their tongue. RELATED: 2 different types …

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Help needed. My eight-month-old cat, Wesley, grooms my wife’s hair at 4 AM.

Domestic cat allogrooms their female human caregiver which is tricky because the hair is long

You will see quite a lot of this: domestic cats grooming their human caregiver not only on their hand or their arm but also on their head. It is clearly impractical because the hair on a human’s head is far too long for a domestic cat to groom. The hair gets stuck in their …

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