Jet black Bombay cat has white “eyebrows” due to thin hair above the eyes

Bombay cat with thin fur above the eyes

People ask, “Why is my cat losing hair above his eyes?” The likely reason why your cat has thinning hair above his eyes is because of naturally occurring alopecia, which is not a health issue and fairly common. The thinning of hair often extends to the area between the eye and the ear flap …

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Stress Relieving Cat Therapeutic Massage Works (It worked for a Hedgehog)

Cat massage

A hedgehog, Derek, lost his spines because of stress-related alopecia caused by an injury. He was found injured in a garden in Bishop’s Stortford, UK. He recovered from his injuries but began to lose his spines. He was taken to a local animal whisperer, Monique Blackford, who gave him massage therapy and now his …

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Itchy Kitties: Cats that Self-Groom Excessively

Cats are both predators and prey. As an instinctual survival strategy, to avoid detection they are extremely fastidious about their personal hygiene. Amazingly, cats can spend up to 50% of each day self-grooming. There are times however, when cats overdo this fastidious behavior and begin over-grooming; a behavior which can result in open skin …

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