How to do hydrotherapy on a cat

Moses doing his hydrotherapy session at Avonvale Veterinary Centres' hydrotherapy unit

How to do hydrotherapy on a cat? Well, it is not easy. 🙀 Domestic cats don’t like water normally. They won’t like hydrotherapy normally either for that reason but it doesn’t mean that hydrotherapy is a no-no because it might work. Note: some domestic cats like water. We can’t generalise. There are a number …

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Successful treatment for FIP should soon be available to cat owners in US

Woman happy in the company of her cat

A successful medication for a deadly cat virus should soon to be available in US in what has been described as a ‘huge triumph’. It has been a long time coming. Cat owners will no longer have to resort to the black market to obtain the drug and treat their seriously sick cats. There …

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Calming liquid drops for your pet made from 4 natural ingredients

Ingredients for this calming product for pets

I think this is a very useful product for cats and dogs. It’s a liquid made from four natural ingredients which you can drop into your cat or dog’s food and which is claimed to help them feel calm and relaxed. I’ve not tested it. I will leave that to you. If you do …

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Is colloidal silver safe for cats?

Colloidal silver for pets?

If you ask Google to find answers to the question in the title it finds websites owned by commercial enterprises with an interest in selling colloidal silver. Not good, right? These sites recommend colloidal silver as a general cure-all treatment both internally and externally for cats. And dogs. The tone of the articles is …

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Tea tree oil, safe for humans, unsafe for pets, for sale on Amazon

Melaleuca alternifolia

Tea tree oil is Melaleuca oil. It comes from the leaves of the tea tree, Melaleuca alternifolia. This tree is native to south-east Queensland and the north-east coast of New South Wales, Australia. Tea tree oil is for sale extensively on Amazon. It is therefore readily available to many millions of people. Many websites …

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Milk thistle for cats (2022) – potential herbal remedy

Milk thistle

I don’t expect many cat owners to know much about milk thistle as an herbal treatment for cats and dogs. I hope that this page helps a little bit. My research indicates that it appears to have some genuine benefits as an alternative treatment. It is not radical and VCA Animal Hospitals in the …

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Feline IBD – overview plus conventional and FMT treatments

Feline IBD treatment could be a raw diet

Introduction What are the symptoms? What are the causes? Treatments? Introduction Feline IBD stands for Cat Irritable Bowel Disease. It is not uncommon, hence this article. In fact, incidences of this disease have increased over the past 30 years1. It is quite a descriptive title for a disease because the bowel is indeed irritated. …

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